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  • AAE Refill Lube Tube
  • Aae Refill Lube Tube
    SKU: 4811

    AAE'S Lube Tube makes pulling arrows out of any target easier than ever. Just apply to the tip of any arrow. The lube will not effect arrow flight, and the tube is made from lightweight aluminum. Lube Tube can be used again and again. Refill.

  • $20.04

  • Arojac Arrow Puller
  • Arojac Arrow Puller
    SKU: 103001

    The AROJAC allows you to safely pull any arrow, anytime, anywhere! The AROJAC was designed to pull arrows from 3-D targets. The AROJAC grips the arrow shaft with its self gripping jaws, while the lever handle is rotated backwards causing the jaws to move away from the target, thus pulling the arrow ...

  • $189.04

  • Arojac Holster
  • Arojac Holster
    SKU: 104001

    Protect and conveniently carry your AROJAC with this padded holster. This holster comes equipped with a heavy duty belt loop on each side to attach to almost any quiver belt location and gives you greater flexabilty. The velcro strap ensures against loss. Protect your investment with the AROJAC Hols...

  • $35.64

  • Gorilla Grip Arrow Puller
  • Gorilla Grip Arrow Puller
    SKU: 340

    Made of solid natural rubber for superior grip on all types of arrows. The large diameter allows maximum grip strength with minimum effort.

  • $30.44

  • HME 3-D Target Stand
  • Hme 3-d Target Stand
    SKU: 7473

    With the HME Products 3-D Target Stand has successfully solved all the problems involved in the set-up and use of your 3-D Target. It is lightweight, easy to use and fully adjustable from 19" to 29". This will allow the user to adjust and lock the length according to their target, making it much eas...

  • $45.03

  • HME Bag Target Stand
  • Hme Bag Target Stand
    SKU: 7472

    This stand universally and effectively hold most bag targets available on the market today. Its heavy duty square tubing design securely holds the bag target and the stabilizer pin prevents the bag from swinging when the arrow hits the target. The hanger brackets (A) glide across the tubing enabling...

  • $54.47

  • Magic Fix Club Repair Kit
  • Magic Fix Club Repair Kit
    SKU: 2395

    Magic Fix is the answer to the 3-D shooters problems. Simply mix this two part solution together and pour into any hole in your target, for a "Good as New" fix. Contents will repair a hole 10" x 10" x 10" in just 15 min. giving you a finished product which is more durable and self-healing than the ...

  • $106.20

  • McKenzie Mini Placement Card 12 Ring
  • Mckenzie Mini Placement Card 12 Ring
    SKU: 2963

    PICTURE IS NOT CORRECT - BLACK AND WHITE ONLY! McKenzie mini arrow placement cards are a set of 4 cards showing the 8 and 12 ring for all McKenzie targets. Measures 2" x 3 1/2" with a quiver clip.

  • $23.15

  • Target Stand
  • Target Stand
    SKU: 2540

    4-Detachable legs fold out to suspend targets off the ground. Assembles in less than 5-minutes. Supports bag targets to 40 lbs. Adjustable to fit bag targets up to 24" wide, Color: Powder Coated Black. Target not included.

  • $43.22

  • Third Hand Arrow Pro Puller
  • Third Hand Arrow Pro Puller
    SKU: 4787

    Specially blended synthetic rubber for long-lasting durability in hot and cold conditions.Large enough to pull all arrows & small enough to pull arrows in tight groups.Use cleaning solvent regularly to remove dirt & lubricants.Attach key ring to left side for left-handed arrow puller.

  • $22.80

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