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  • Acudraw 50 Cocking Mechanism
  • Acudraw 50 Cocking Mechanism
    SKU: HCA000BA50

    TenPoint has integrated this leveraged rope-cocking concept into the butt stock and added a heavy-duty retraction spring that silently and effortlessly draws the ropes securely back inside the unit's housing after each use.Cocks the crossbow consistently and accurately time after time.No more dangli...

  • $208.54
    $174.29 16.42% Discount

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  • Acurope Crossbow Rope Cocker
  • Acurope Crossbow Rope Cocker
    SKU: W000

    The ACUrope is our NEW revolutionary portable, retractablerope-cocker. The ACUrope reduces the effort to cockyour crossbow by 50% like traditional rope-cockers onthe market, but that is where the comparison ends. Whenthe shooter is finished cocking the bow, the ACUrope'sdraw cord completely retracts...

  • $91.54

  • Barnett Lube Wax
  • Barnett Lube Wax
    SKU: 16061

    Barnett Lubewax is specifically formulated to prolong the life of bowstrings. Also, used for lubricating the barrel of the crossbow to reduce friction and increase velocity.

  • $23.42

  • Barnett Premium Red 3 Dot Sight
  • Barnett Premium Red 3 Dot Sight
    SKU: 16089

    Barnett's Premium Red Dot Scope is simple to use, easy to see and extremely accurate. It is compatible with both Recurve and Compound Barnett Crossbows. This dot reticle features 11 dot intensity settings with integrated 3/8" mounts.

  • $116.87

  • Barnett Universal Cocking Device Power Stroke 16" and up
  • Barnett Universal Cocking Device Power Stroke 16" And Up
    SKU: 17450

    Reduces cocking tension to 17 lbs. Fits right into the stock for a low profile, comfortable fit. Removable handle can be easily adjusted for right or left hand hunters. Can be used with all Barnett Crossbows EXCEPT the Predator and Jackal.

  • $123.83

  • Bednar Perfect Arrow Puller
  • Bednar Perfect Arrow Puller
    SKU: W104

    Named for and originally developed by the late Hall of Fame Archer Bill Bednar, the NEW Bednar Perfect Puller is designed to pull arrows from high density targets. The pliers are packaged with three interchangeable grippers sized to fit different shaft diameters of both crossbow and compound arrows...

  • $39.54

  • Black Heart Crossbow Rail Lube .5oz
  • Black Heart Crossbow Rail Lube .5oz
    SKU: BH103

    Improves shot consistency. Extends the life of your string. Reduces center–serving wear. Ideal viscosity for application. Scent–free formula. Increased velocity. .5 oz bottle.

  • $21.60

  • Black Heart Premium String Wax 1oz
  • Black Heart Premium String Wax 1oz
    SKU: BH102

    Created exclusively for crossbow strings. Deeper penetration into string fiber. UV impervious. Applies clear. 1 oz tube.

  • $21.60

  • Black Heart Rail Lube and Wax Combo Pack
  • Black Heart Rail Lube And Wax Combo Pack
    SKU: BH101

    Looking for an all–in–one solution for improved performance? The Black Heart Craft Bowstring Care Kit combo pack consists of stuff that will make your shots faster and your strings last longer.
    Premium Crossbow String Wax (1 oz tube) Premium Rail Lube (.5 oz bottle)

  • $24.96

  • Crossbow 4x32mm Scope IR w/Ring Black
  • Crossbow 4x32mm Scope Ir W/ring Black
    SKU: TG8504L

    The TruGlo 4x32 Crossbow Scope with Mounting Rings is Waterproof, fog-proof and Shock resistant. The 4x32 Crossbow Scope features a special range finding trajectory compensating reticle, a generous 4 inch eye relief and fully-coated lenses that provide maximum brightness, clarity, and contrast.FEATU...

  • $101.48

  • Crossbow 4x32mm Scope w/Rings Black
  • Crossbow 4x32mm Scope W/rings Black
    SKU: TG8504B3

    Waterproof / fog-proof and shock resistant.Special trajectory compensating glass etched reticle.Generous 6" eye relief, with rubber eye guard.Fully coated lenses provide maximum brightness, clarity and contrast.Non-shifting point of impact.Fingertip windage and elevation adjustment under screw down ...

  • $84.10

  • Crossbow Red Dot Sight 30mm Black
  • Crossbow Red Dot Sight 30mm Black
    SKU: TG8030B3

    3-Dot reticle designed for crossbows30mm objective lensShock resistantClick windage and elevation adjustmentsLightweight and easy to mountWaterproof/fog-proofUnlimited eye reliefSee-thru/flip-up lens caps, optical quality/all-weatherAdjustable rheostat for brightness controlMulti-coated lenses produ...

  • $84.10
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  • Excalibur C2 Crank Aid Detachable
  • Excalibur C2 Crank Aid Detachable
    SKU: 02199

    Guarantees consistent string alignment for best accuracyMinimal effort required to cock any current model crossbow (These are the 2008 and newer stocks, either with the thumbhole, or 5 diagonal slash marks located on either side of the trigger, also fits the Vixen II)Detaches in seconds, removing un...

  • $260.54
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  • Excalibur Cocking Aid Kit
  • Excalibur Cocking Aid Kit
    SKU: 4895

    This crossbow cocking aid will allow you to comfortably load any crossbow by reducing the draw weight by 50%. Made from highest quality components, it uses comfortable "T" handles and easily slips into a pocket when not in use. Can be used on any crossbow.

  • $46.04

  • Excalibur Crossbow Stringer
  • Excalibur Crossbow Stringer
    SKU: 2096

    Changing strings on your Excalibur crossbow is fast and easy when you use the Crossbow Stringer. It really takes the sweat out of stringing, unstringing, or changing strings!

  • $53.84

  • Excalibur EX-WAX
  • Excalibur Ex-wax
    SKU: 9858

    Specially formulated to extend string life, protect and lubricate deck. Increase arrow speed. Will not build up.

  • $25.24

  • Excalibur Scope Ring 7/8 Weaver Base
  • Excalibur Scope Ring 7/8 Weaver Base
    SKU: 2007

    Excalibur's 1" Weaver base type scope rings are made from tough lightweight aluminum and are anodized to a flat, non reflective finish. They are strong enough to withstand the heaviest recoil without moving or changing point of impact.

  • $40.84

  • Excalibur T Handle Arrow Puller
  • Excalibur T Handle Arrow Puller
    SKU: 1986

    Designed to stop damage to arrows, feathers, and patience when target shooting, the Arrow Puller screws into the back of arrows to help you remove them easily.

  • $38.24

  • Flight Rail/Trigger Lube
  • Flight Rail/trigger Lube
    SKU: HCA111

    This lubricant is critical to maintaining all crossbows in good working order. Unlike other manufacturer's gel-based lubricants, it will not freeze-up in cold weather or collect dirt and grit, which could make your trigger sluggish and impede its performance.

  • $26.54


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