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  • Cass Creek Mega Amp Predator Caller
  • Cass Creek Mega Amp Predator Caller
    SKU: C416

    One hand control. Wind busting performance. Loud sounds up to 120dB. Speaker input jack. 10 game calls with easy to read LED indicator light.Includes: Female Adult Howl. Coyote food Fight. Territorial Beta Male. Adult Cat Distress. Cottontail Distress. Crow Baby Distress. Fawn Distress....

  • $73.76

  • Cass Creek RPS Extreme Record Play Shoot
  • Cass Creek Rps Extreme Record Play Shoot
    SKU: 7507

    Use as a handheld or remote wireless caller. Download or record your own calls or recorded remote live calls. Built-in flashlight - operates remotely. 10 pre-loaded sounds plus 20 selected calls when you register at www.gamecallswap.com. Compact and easy to carry. MAST - Multiple Animal Scene...

  • $142.77

  • Primos Alpha Dogg Caller Camo
  • Primos Alpha Dogg Caller Camo
    SKU: 3756

    The Alpha Dogg leads the pack right to you. Rotating Directional Speaker System for dynamic, realistic sounds. 180º calling coverage to crisp, concentrated high volume sound in one direction. Ergonomic remote with full color display & easy control layout. 64 digitally mastered sounds with abi...

  • $321.54

  • Primos Boss Dog Electronic Call
  • Primos Boss Dog Electronic Call
    SKU: 3757

    Pre?programmed with 100 sounds. Three 50 watt class-D amplifiers produce 150 watts of power for extreme sound levels with crystal clear sound transition. Simple to use 200 yard remote. 2.5? full color LCD remote screen with red for night use. FM receiver & auxiliary input to play music from ex...

  • $582.64

  • Primos Dogg Catcher Predator Call
  • Primos Dogg Catcher Predator Call
    SKU: 3759

    Compact electronic Predator Caller that's lightweight and simple to use. Plays 2 sounds simultaneously. Up to 150 yard range. 11 sounds by Randy Anderson: interrogation howls, female invitation howls, coyote serenade, adult coyote distress (Ki-Yi), coyote pup distress, cottontail distress, jack...

  • $101.30

  • Primos Turbo Dogg Caller Camo
  • Primos Turbo Dogg Caller Camo
    SKU: 3755

    Turbo charged, simple to use Predator Call. Adjustable speaker for optimal sound range and quality. Ergonomic remote w/large easy-to-read LCD display. Remote control works over 100 yards.(200 at optimal conditions). 24 digitally mastered wildlife sounds. Integrated strap system for easy trans...

  • $222.14

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